Xing-Yee Beatty

Xing-Yee along with her sister Majeda are the youngest members of Descendance, although still only children are accomplished performers with vast experience. The sisters have an interesting mixture of Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and black American heritage, their mother Taryn Laleen is affiliated with the Aboriginal tribes, (Yidinji, Cairns), (Wuthathi, Shelbourne Bay) and the (Ku Ku Yalangi, Mossman), while their Torres Strait roots come from Moa, Darnley, and Yam Islands all in Queensland, their father Samuel Beatty has a black American background and is also involved in music and dance. The sisters lived and worked in the USA for two years with their parent’s performing in cultural workshops, schools, colleges, festivals, Pow Wows, across the USA from east coast to west coast, in 2006 they toured New York City with Descendance, today they perform in schools with their family, and have already begun doing corporate shows and other international events with Descendance.



Corporate Events, Conventions, Cruise liners, Descendance.


Australia school performances. NGM management


The Aboriginal Deadly Awards Sydney Opera House 2008


Gay & lesbian Mardi Gras


Pow Wows: Mohegan Wigwam Festival (Connecticut) Shinnecock Tribe (New York) Thunderbird, Inter-tribal (Florida).


Festivals: Australian Festival in Nashville, African Marketplace Festival in Los Angeles, Aussie Fest in Kentucky, bowling green International Festival in Kentucky, Pilipino Festival in Los Angeles, Austra-USA Cultural Day in Los Angeles Naidoc performance for the Australian Consulate in Los Angeles


People’s Poetry Gathering – “The Stones of Civilization” – UN Headquarters in New York City


Tours New York performing with Descendance.