Uncle Max Eulo

Uncle Max Eulo is one of Australia’s most colourful aboriginal personalities and elders; he is a regular in most Descendance events blessing the grounds they dance on with his smoking ceremony. Uncle Max is from the Budjedi tribe of western NSW; he has been doing smoking ceremonies for over 30 years and has accumulated an extensive resume of performances in that time. Uncle Max has performed at festivals, museums, galleries, political events, schools, corporate events, international conventions & jails, and was one of the most sought after elders during the Olympic Games in 2000. From his 30 years of smoking ceremonies Uncle Max’s career highlight came during the Pope’s visits to Australia in both 1987 and 2008, where he blessed the Pope himself during a smoking ceremony.

His smoking ceremonies begin with lighting twigs & leaves in a wooden Coolamon made from a gutted tree, as the smoke and flames grow, he waves the flame with leaves causing smoke, he walks around blessing the area and setting up good spirits for the event and ridding the negative energies, this is sometimes accompanied by a didgeridoo player.