Smiler Sinak

SMILER is a Kaurareg Meriam Ulingun man, which is his Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Papua New Guinean cultural heritage. Since childhood, Smiler learnt to promote and maintain his cultural heritage through his Murray island (MER) cultural group, knowing after 200 years of colonisation of the European settlers, (MER-LE) the Murray Island people still maintain their language, song, music, dance and storytelling.

As a student of NAISDA College, Smiler learnt to continue to promote his culture through a new Indigenous Contemporary style of performance. His depth of knowledge has been an inspiration to other indigenous contemporary artists, and was often utilised as a consultant on various productions at a local, national and international level. A versatile performer Smiler uses dance, song, music and storytelling to educate the new generation including International visitors through NAISDA where he was utilised as a TRADITIONAL TUTOR for a cultural exchange with students from a Japanese University. He has appeared in ‘WARUP ERA KODOMER PRODUCTION’ BY AIDT (ABORIGINAL ISLANDER DANCE THEATRE) touring to Noumea (New Caledonia), Bangarra Dance Theatre Production, “BIPOTIM” directed by Albert David later assisting in Albert’s next production of “GIZ”. A recording artist for Bangarra’s ‘FISH’ production, and more recently was Choreographer on the CHERBOURG YOUTH THEATRE PROJECT with Bungabura Productions, Artistic Director: Leah Purcell and Director of Dance: Jeanette Fabila.



Tour of China for Torres Strait performances DFAT.


Bangarra Performances at the Sydney Opera House.


Descendance/Ngaru in (Sydney/Australia): completing Corporate work, International Conventions, Schools, Community Work, Radio Work, Festivals, Jails, Cruise Liners, Workshops, Galleries, Theatre, Museums, Expos, TV, Political Events, Recording, Humanitarian projects for UNESCO and assignments for The Australian Government.


Tours New York with Descendance, performs at the United Nations 5th session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues; American Indian Community House, The American Museum of Natural History, The United Nations International Schools, The Australian Consulate General, The International Indigenous Funders Forum, and the Baltimore Aquarium in Maryland

*2006 & 1996

Japan tours.


Descendance performances at The Sydney Indigenous Festival contribute with dancing for both the traditional mainland show and the contemporary exotic fusion Flamenco Dreaming to high critical acclaim.


The Giz Production Performance Space Sydney directed by Albert David


Performs in Wakka Wakka Women Leah Purcell.


Was part of Naroo Dance Companies tour of Taiwan, China and Japan, with Aboriginal legends Archie Roach and Ruby Hunter, over 30 performances.


“To India with Love” Smiler is part of the indigenous tribute to India at Sydney’s Town Hall, the concert was held for the 50th anniversary of India’s liberation from British sovereignty, the show also explored fusion work in dance and music with other traditional cultures, the show was presented Jose Calarco , Air India, and the Government of India.


Bipotim, by Bangarra Dance Theatre, artistic director Albert David.


“Gammon Ol Yarns” Ngaru first Theatre Debt at Bondi Pavilion with traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance with Theatre.


Student NAISDA dance college.