Shean Choolburra

Sean Choolburra is a warm and charismatic aboriginal with three different tribal heritages; his father is from the Girrama tribe around Tully, his mother from the Kalkadoon tribe of Mount Isa, and his grandfather from the Kuku Yalangi tribe of Cooktown (all far North Queensland). Sean Choolburra was the founder and leader of Sydney’s first independent traditional Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Dance Company, the Ngaru Dancers, which he formed in 1993. Sean is also a former NAISDA graduate and has danced with the internationally renowned indigenous contemporary dance troupe Bangarra. Sean Choolburra is one of the most popular & versatile indigenous performers in Australia today. He is a didgeridoo player, singer, dancer, actor, songwriter, and now one of the fastest rising comedians in the land; Sean is one of the most sought after Aboriginal performers in Australia today



Tour of Spain Barcelona for Spanish Event Company Jolibud..


Germany and France Tour with Descendance, performs at two major World Events first The Soccer World followed by, The International Indigenous Forum in Pau (South Of France)


The Artkenciel Festival in the Reunion Islands, Eastern Coast of Africa. Descendance performs with Xavier Rudd.


Descendance in Hawaii performs at The Honolulu Festival,


Tours with Descendance to Seoul Korea for the International Drum Festival.


Tours London with Descendance for the International Travel Expo representing Aboriginal Tourism Australia.


“Spirits of the Soil” Sean leads Descendance into its first theatre production, hosting American Crow Indians into the production at Bondi Pavilion.


Artist in residency at The NSW Art Gallery.


Opens the Bellingen Global Festival with Descendance Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance Co.


Adelaide Arts Markets (Adelaide Festival) Ngaru Dance Company.


Leads Ngaru dance Company at the Woodford Festival Queensland, performing Aboriginal and Islander shows.


Tour of Canada with Descendance cultural song women Imelda Willis.


“To India with Love” Sean being the first indigenous artist in Australia to fully explore fusion work in dance and music with other traditional cultures, this time with Indian and Flamenco, in a tribute concert to India, celebrating the 50th anniversary of India’s liberation from British sovereignty.


Personnel performance for The Dali Lama for the Tibetan Society.


“Sing Awake the Lands” Ngaru dancers host a smorgasbord of traditional cultures including Native American Indians.


“Flamenco Dreaming” the first indigenous and Flamenco fusion in the world, the show ran for two years at various venues around Sydney, including The Cat & Fiddle Hotel, Harbourside Brasserie, The Metro Theatre, Kinselas, and The Sydney Town Hall.


Gammon Ol Yarns, Ngaru’s debt theatre season at Bondi Pavilion with traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Dance with Theatre, show written and devised by Sean.


Japan tour with Ngaru Dance Company as indigenous leader.


Opens Planet Hollywood in Sydney for Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


“Reef Dreaming” Sean was the star and co-writer of Australia’s first full length laser indigenous movie “Reef Dreaming”, which played for 3three years in Cockle Bay at Darling Harbour (Sydney).


Ngaru Corporate work, International Conventions, Schools, Community Work, Radio Work, Festivals, Jails, TV appearances, Cruise Liners, Universities, Workshops, Galleries, Museums, Expos, Theatre, Political Events and assignments for The Australian Government