Raymond Prior

Raymond Prior was born in Townsville in 1983, his mother having a heritage with the Kuku Yalangi and Kandju Tribes, whilst his Father the Birragubba Tribe of the Whitsunday Islands, all situated in far North Queensland.

Raymond was taught traditional mainland dance by Matthew Brady senior song man for the Kuku Yalangi people and Imbala Dance Company in 2003.

Today Raymond is one of the promising young dancers with Descendance and has just been added into the International Touring team after learning his trade in Alice Springs over the last five years



Tour of North Russia Arkhangelsk Festival.


Tour of Mauritius & Seychelles with Australian Film Festival.


Tour of South Italy with Descendance for Ghironda Festival


Tour of Abu Dhabi with Descendance for 7 weeks for International Festival.


Tour of London with Descendance for Toast Festival and Lords performances.


Tour of Trinidad Red Earth Festival (Descendance)


Hawaii tour, Honolulu Festival, Schools, Palace Theatre Hilo (Descendance)


corporate performances Sydney (Descendance)


Palm Island Aboriginal Community performances, teacher


Alice Springs nightly performances for Descendance in Red Centre Dreaming.


Townsville Cultural festival