Descendance’s award winning show has been a feature at prominent Festivals both in Australia and all around the world, performing to hundreds of  thousands of people from the four corners of the globe. Despite language and cultural barriers, Descendance has managed to touch the hearts of foreign audiences receiving lustrous reviews, capacity audiences and unprecedented media coverage.

Descendance’ s live show has elevated  to the world’s main stages performing to astonishing sized crowds:, 100,000 (Honolulu Festival 2005-2012), 87,000 (Midsummer Night’s Dream Festival Germany 2005), 60,000 (Sziget Festival Hungary 2005), 35,000 ( Drum Festival Korea 2004), 30,000 (Food & Wine Festival Disneyworld Florida Epcot Centre 2003-2005), 30,000 (Toast Festival London 2009),  20,000 (Pau Festival France 2006) , 50,000 (Guca Festival Serbia 2010), 20,000 (Vitebsk Festival Belarus), 60,000 (Asia Cup Festival Qatar), 30,000 (The Gold Show Festival Ghana), and 60,000 (Ghironda Festival Italy)


Adelaide Arts Festival 1999
Bellingen Global Carnival 1999
Bondi Fringe Festival 2000
Sydney Festival 2000
Homebake 2002
Sydney Dreaming Festival 2002-2003
Sydney indigenous festival 2004-2005
Woodford Dreaming Festival 2005
Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras 2008


Que Festival 2012 (Vietnam)
Honolulu Festival 2005-2012 (Hawaii/USA)
Arkhangelsk Festival 2010 Russia
Natibongo Festival 2010 (Italy)
Guca Festival 2010 (Serbia)
Asia Cup Festival 2011 (Qatar)
Australian Touring Film Festival 2010 (Mauritius/Seychelles)
Red Earth Festival 2009 (Trinidad)
Toast Festival 2009 (London)
Ghironda Festival 2009 (Italy)
Summer Festival 2009 (UAE)
Australian Film Festival 2008 (Croatia)
Brave Festival 2007 (Wroclaw/Poland)
Kristupo Festival 2007 (Lithuania)
Pazaislis Music Festival 2007 (Lithuania)
Palangos Festival 2007 (Lithuania)
Gold Show Festival 2007 (Ghana)
Vitebsk Festival 2007 (Belarus)
Artkenciel Festival 2006 (Reunion Islands)
Indigenous Festival & Forum 2006 (Pau/France)
World Cup Soccer Festival (Koln/Germany 2006)
G’DAY USA Festival 2005 (LA-USA)
Sziget Festival 2005 (Hungary)
Midsummer Night’s Dream Festival 2005 (Munich/Germany)
Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Disneyworld, (Florida USA) 2003-2005
Lake Balaton Festival 2003-2005 (Hungary)
Summer Festival 2003+2005 (Fehergyarmart/Hungary)
International Folklore Festivals 2003+2005 (Szaszhalombatta-Tokol-Rackeve/Hungary)
Australia Week Festival 2005 (Moscow-Russia)
Drum Festival 2004 (Seoul/Korea)
Destinations Expo Festival 2004 (London/England)
Glastonbury Festival 2003 (United Kingdom)
Flower Festival 2003 (Debrecen/Hungary)
Hungarian National Day Festival 2003 (Hungary)
Budapest Parade Festival 2003(Hungary)
Travel Festival 2003 (Singapore)