Pauline Pearce

Pauline Pearce was born in Bendigo Victoria to an aboriginal mother, but her heritage lies in NSW, with the indigenous tribes around the Raymond Terrace region North of Sydney.

Pauline completed her dance studies at NAISDA between 1991-1995, she went on to form her own dance company “Memarr” in Western Sydney as a choreographer and dancer, then begun working professionally as a performer and teacher of dance holding her own workshops.

Pauline’s first big break in Dance came in the year 2000 when she became a contracted dancer with Australia’s number one indigenous contemporary dance troupe, “ Bangarra Dance Company”.

Pauline performed in Bangarra’s critically acclaimed show “SKIN” which was held at the Sydney Opera House to sell-out audiences, she then went on tour with the show in other Australian capital cities including Melbourne and Brisbane.

Pauline Joined Descendance in 2001 as a principal contemporary dancer and choreographer, since joining Descendance, Pauline has been taught the traditional side of indigenous dancing to compliment her skills as a leading contemporary dancer in Sydney.



Descendance (Sydney/Australia): completing Corporate work, International Conventions, Schools, Community Work, Festivals, Cruise Liners, Workshops, Galleries, Theatre, Museums,, Political Events, Recording, Humanitarian projects for UNESCO and assignments for The Australian Government.


Descendance performances at The Sydney Indigenous festival), Pauline contributes with dancing for both the traditional mainland show and the contemporary exotic fusion Flamenco Dreaming to high critical acclaim.


Descendance at the Dome Olympic Park, Pauline is part of a 30 piece dance ensemble and performs at one of the biggest corporate events ever held in Sydney for Amway China.


United Nations launch for Aus-Aid in at Parliament House Canberra, a dynamic traditional and contemporary performance with Balinese dancers.


“Portal” i2001 (Bodies, Newtown Theatre Dance Season), made critics stand up and notice her as a diverse indigenous talent by effortlessly dancing in fusion with Flamenco and Indian Cultures.


Opening and closing ceremony Sydney Olympic Games to an estimated audience of 2 billion viewers.


Olympic Arts festival Opera House Sydney