Joshua Rebes Thaiday

Joshua was born at Cairns base hospital to Torres Strait Islander parents, his father and his mother Guaza Nazareth Thaiday were both from Darnley Island.
Joshua’s heritage is with the Peidu tribe (Torres Strait) and his aboriginal blood line is linked to the Ku Ku Yalangi and Badtjala tribes from Queensland.
After completing his school studies, Joshua begun to perform in Cairns with the Torres Strait Islander Company Kara Kazil, Joshua learned his traditional culture from his grand parents, aunties and uncles on Darnley Island.
After performing in Cairns for a number of years, Joshua decided to further his studies in dance by joining the NAISDA College in 2004.
Joshua sings dances and plays didgeridoo and guitar, to make him a valuable all round touring asset for Descendance.



New Zealand tour for G’Day New Zealand through Tourism Australia with Descendance.


Four week tour of France at the Festival Interceltique Lorient, through Australian Producer Warren Fahey


Corporate Events, International Conventions, Schools, Workshops, and Festivals, International Cruise Liners with Descendance.


Performs with Kara Titui Islander Dance Company in Sydney under Josephine Satrick.

* 2004-2006

Performances with Garrabarra Dance Company, under Rhoda Roberts and Kerry and Rayma Johnson.


Co ordinate and choreograph the Torres Strait section for the NAISDA end of year shows.


Dancer of the year NAISDA College.


Joins NAISDA Dance College.


Artist in Resident in Mornington Island.


Tours Lebanon with Kumari Aboriginal Dance Group.


Kara Kazil dance Company Cairns