SING AWAKE THE LANDS -Bondi Outdoor Amphitheatre, 1997

Possibly one of the finest finales I have seen, barnstorming stuff…Beat Magazine
From the four corners of the Earth they came, and the indigenous peoples of the world reclaimed their land and culture. Red Sun Rising, a Native American Indian performance group hailing from five different nations, joined The Naroo Dancers (Aboriginal & Islander), Klare Ku Olga (New Guinea), Flamenco Dreaming, and musicians and dancers from Brazil and Africa. The show was a highlighted by a stunning forty five minute finale with all musicians and dancers on stage.

Producer Jose Calarco

TO INDIA WITH LOVE – Sydney Town Hall, 1997

A colourful and abundant serve for all…Daily Telegraph

Indian and Aboriginal culture came together for the first time in this critically acclaimed production, as India celebrated its fifty years of freedom, and the Diwali “Coming of the light”.

The production was commissioned by the Government of India Tourist office, and produced by Artistic Director Jose Calarco, dancers and singers from all cultures came together to celebrate with the Indian community, the audience was taken on a colourful and uplifting journey of dance, music, and theatre.

Producer Jose Calarco

ANTIPODES: FLAMENCO DREAMING – The Metro Theatre, Kinselas, Cat and Fiddle Hotel, Darling Harbour Aqua Theatre 1996-1998

Antipodes belongs to the world not just Australia…Beat Magazine

Antipodes was a series of Aboriginal and Flamenco fusion works.

The dynamic and rhythmic treble sounds of flamenco, driven by the pulsating bass sounds of the didgeridoo, elevated both audiences and dancers alike at its record breaking season, as two proud cultures created magic together, producing some mesmerising moments, Antipodes was a pioneer work, which was the first of its kind at the time.

Producer Jose Calarco

SPIRITS OF THE SOIL – Sydney Fringe Festival 2000

Sizzling Spirits in the night…Sydney Morning Herald

Spirits of the Soil was a showcase of contemporary and traditional Aboriginal dance in collaboration with Native American Crow Indians “Big Day”, and Multi-Instrumentalist Kim Sanders.

The production was a high-energy celebration of both Native Indian, and Aboriginal culture.

Spirits of the Soil pushed the boundaries and explored new areas, with exhilarating dance and a selection of exotic live instruments such as the Turkish bagpipes, flutes, saxophone, drums and the unique Kaval, blended the with the passionate didgeridoo playing of Gary Thomas.

Producer Jose Calarco

PORTAL – Newtown Theatre, Sydney 2001

Beauty, energy and passion…Viva Magazine
The Aboriginal warrior turns the sky inside out in his quest for truth and enters a portal where his shadow and shimmering spirits guide him through an initiation.

Portal is an original dance mythology, where Indian, Flamenco, and Aboriginal dancers meet in the dreamtime, backed with a colourful ensemble of live instruments.

Producer Jose Calarco

THE LOVERS – Sydney Entertainment Centre 2002

A dreamtime story told by the legendary and late Aboriginal actor Bob Mazza, The tale of the Lovers tells us not to be totally absorbed in sensual pleasures, for the aboriginal couple who were so enthralled with each others beauty, missed the coming of Biami (the creator).

The Theatrical performance was backed by The Tommy Tycho Orchestra with didgeridoo.

Producer Jose Calarco

FLAMENCO DREAMING – Riverside Theatre 2004-2005

After many successful productions in the nineties, the concept of Flamenco Dreaming was reinvented for new audiences at The Sydney Indigenous Festival.

This time director Jose Calarco took the collaboration further by having both aboriginal and flamenco performers learning dances from one another, and musicians from both cultures understanding each others rhythms and time signatures.

Producer Jose Calarco

TREE OF LIFE – Various Venues 2004-2008

Tree Of Life showcased the unity of all humanity as different branches of the same tree. The work was a synergistic collision of cultures with a stirring original orchestral theme.

The production paid tribute to the cycles and seasons of nature and creation, how one thing cannot do without the other.

Producer Jose Calarco