The Deadlys is Australia’s leading Aboriginal Awards show staged at The Sydney Opera House since 1994 and broadcast on National TV each year, Descendance had the honor to open the awards in 2008 and 2011, the event boasts the cream of Australia’s finest indigenous talent in the arts, sport and business, legends such as Jimmy Little, Jessica Mauboy, Christine Anu and Gurrumul, have been regular participants.


DESCENDANCE THE MOVIE – Project Pending in Hollywood

A true heartfelt story of an Aboriginal performer whose journey we follow through orphanages, prisons and eventually rehabilitation. Visions sent to him by his dead grandfather begin to reshape his life, he is drawn to Sydney to find his long lost sister, on his travels he stumbles across a struggling Aboriginal dance group ”Descendance”, who lack commitment with no sense of direction. With the help of a cultural mentor who is dying, and a sensitive manager, they help the dancers overcome obstacles to reach new levels of excellence, which eventually leads them on a journey across three continents; where they finally reach their goal of entering the World Cultural Championships in Seoul Korea.

Producer Alchemy Films

NAIDOC BALL 2008 – NITV Australia 2008

The NAIDOC awards ball is the highlight on the indigenous calendar each year, in 2008 Descendance had the honour to open the event and perform alongside the cream of indigenous talent in Australia today, like Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Casey Donovan, Dale Huddleston and the Riverbank Band, Jessica Mauboy, Mary G, Ernie Dingo and Leah Purcell, the awards were telecast for NITV

Producer NRS Canberra


Yeyekerte is a weekly magazine-style television show that encompasses a cross-section of life from what’s on in entertainment to business tips for aspiring entrepreneurs; from personal profiles of inspiring individuals to history, health and current affairs.

Producer Caama


The highly popular Yaarnz series on NITV has dedicated a series of episodes following the stories of key Descendance members, Arthur Turtle Tamwoy, Goomblar Wylo, Benelong Carroll, and producer Jose Calarco, giving an insight to Australia’s most travelled international dance company, and what it takes to break into the International market.

Producer Warwick Moss, Jose Calarco


Descendance Dance Company travelled to their community in Palm Island North Queensland, where they completed workshops and dance programs for their sixty strong indigenous children’s dance company, culminating in a big concert for the community.

The children of Palm Island are its future and make up one third of its population, Descendance along with Bwgcolman Futures President Robert Blackley and Treasurer Svea Pittman are helping build esteem and confidence into the children through culture and various programs, giving children positive options and new ideas for the future.

Producer Warwick Moss, Bwgcolman Futures, Jose Calarco


The Descendance Africa-Baltic States tour 2007 was a journey of the sprit heart and mind, and a lesson in coordination, endurance and faith. Imagine a journey that would take you 50,000km, travelling through ten countries in six weeks half a world apart?, dealing with nine different currencies, vaccinations, food poising in Africa, visas, language barriers, different time zones, tight transfer schedules, varying weather conditions, new cuisines to digest., and not enough money in the budget, in the end it was a triumph for Descendance and their finest moment.

Produced By Jose Calarco

ATLAS AUSTRALIA – Discovery Channel World release 180 countries 2006-2008

Atlas Australia was the most ambitious and graphic documentary ever shot in this country, breathtaking cinematography with compelling storylines of everyday Australians, in an epic presentation running for two hours and narrated by Russell Crowe.

Descendance supplied all the indigenous stories, performances and locations for the film, senior members of Descendance, Arthur Turtle Tamwoy and Nicole Willis were featured personalities throughout the film.

Produced by Discovery Channel

REEF DREAMING – Sydney 1996-1999

Reef Dreaming was Australia’s first full length “laser” movie written by Sean Choolburra and The Naroo Dance Company, the film was sponsored by Laser Vision Australia.

Reef Dreaming was screened in the bay of Darling Harbour Sydney on a jet-propelled wall of water producing giant hologram images, enhanced with uncanny laser effects. “Reef Dreaming” went on to become a landmark tourist attraction for three years, viewed by hundreds of thousands of people. A simple yet powerful love story of an Aboriginal boy falling in love with a Torres Strait Islander girl and the controversies a mixed relationship brings.

Produced by The Naroo Dance
Company and Laser vision.