Barbra Adjei Drummond

Barbra Adjei-Drummond was born in Townsville North Queensland and was raised in Brisbane and Port Headland Western Australia. Barbra’s heritage includes Aboriginal, Malaysian, Samoan, and Torres Strait islander, her maternal Grandmother is from Mabuiag Island west of the Torres Strait belonging to the Wagadagam Tribe, with the Crocodile presented as their totem, while her maternal Grandfather is from the Yadhaigana tribe belonging to Shelburne Bay Cape York, and her father comes from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana Africa. Barbra graduated from the NAISDA dance college in 2004 with a diploma in dance. Barbra made a big impact as a freelance dancer and has worked for the leading indigenous Dance Companies, producers and Choreographers in Australia including Bangarra, Descendance, Rhoda Roberts, Raymond Blanco, Albert David, Bernadette Walong and Gail Mabo.



Tour of Hawaii, Honolulu Festival, Maui Schools, Hilo Palace Theatre


The Aboriginal Deadly Awards Sydney Opera House 2008


Bulgaria (East Europe)Theatre Tour with Descendance


Flames in the Forest Port Douglas Cairns, Spectacular Indigenous performance in rainforest with Pyrotechnics, Laser lighting, and stage reveal


Tours Hawaii with Descendance for The Honolulu Festival and performances in Hilo (big island of Hawaii)


Choreographer for the indigenous section of The Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parades 30th anniversary in Sydney, to an estimated audience of half a million people


Tours with Bangarra, Australian regional, New Zealand, Japan and London


Gail Mabo “Kioki” Sydney


Bernadette Walong “Hidden Revealed” Sydney


Albert David “Island Rhythms” Sydney SBS Television


Raymond Blanco “Intentcity” Opera House


Garma Festival, North east Arnhem Land


Australian Round Table of Excellence Melbourne


Dance Tracks Opera House


Rugby Union World Cup Olympic Stadium Sydney


Deadly Vibes Aboriginal Awards, Sydney Opera House


NAISDA End of year performances